Amanda Wilson

Author: Mock Webware |

Richard came out the same night I had called him to review a plumbing and electrical situation I was very worried about. I'd had pipes burst in a crawl space that were leading to the kitchen sink, as no one had instructed me on keeping the warming coils plugged in when I got the home, and I wasn't even aware that they were there. Richard assured me there was a solution with getting the coils plugged in, as there wasn't already an existing outlet and I was uncomfortable with running the two coils off a power bar and extension cord. I'd had an appointment previously booked within that same week for a different project. Chris from his team did a great job on the day he came out with the install for an outlet, and Richard confirmed with me that each coil already had an existing thermostat. Thanks, guys. Now I'm at peace of mind that my house won't have pipes freeze anytime soon in the near future.

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